Weaving Dreams (17th Nov 2018 - 19th Jan 2019)

Mixed media exhibition 'Weaving Dreams' brings together the work of paper cut artist Trish Shaw and watercolour painter Dominic Wright.

Gallery Forty-Nine will also be showing new work by painter/printmaker Peter Ingram, ceramicist Brenda Wright, and driftwood sculptor Rob Kemp.

Trish Shaw

Trish Shaw lives and works in Scarborough. She uses folio silhouette paper and a small surgical scalpel to hand-cut all of her work. Taking inspiration from nature, myths and symbols, she draws and then cuts away both negative and positive parts of the image to create the finished artwork.

Trish has recently been working on "images within images." The viewer often has to look twice to see the whole picture, reflecting life; as Trish says, "you have to look beneath the surface to discover more." Each piece is highly intricate, with the quality of lace.

Dominic Wright

Dominic Wright was born in Barry, South Wales and brought up in Hull, drawing and painting since childhood. One of his earliest memories is drawing a cormorant from an old copy of the The Observer's Book of Birds. "I still have the book, and I'm still drawing cormorants," says Dominic. He has lived in London, Paris and India before returning to Hull.

Dominic is inspired by the people, places and wildlife of Yorkshire, painting in a style which has been described as 'magical realism'. He says: "People often ask about my paintings: who are they, what are they thinking, why are they there? I hope you enjoy wondering as much as I enjoyed painting them."