Unearthed (21st March - 4th May 2015)

An exhibition of mixed media paintings, ceramics and jewellery by East Yorkshire artists Hilary Angle and Barbara Wood.

Hilary and Barbara have exhibited widely throughout the country, both individually and in collaboration on a number of projects over more than 10 years. This exhibition differs from previous joint shows, in that new work has developed from a common starting point. When both artists took part in a kind of artistic ‘Chinese Whispers’ in 2013/2013, involving eight practitioners, a painting by Hilary precipitated a ceramic piece in response by Barbara that she wished to explore further.

Hilary says: ‘This exhibition is an experiment in mixed media, combining past experiences in the painter’s studio with new skills from the jeweller’s workshop. It has been exciting trying combinations of metal and paint, forging and casting, glazing and scumbling, resulting in new discoveries unearthed from past practices.'

In addition, porcelain and black stoneware beads produced by Barbara have been incorporated into contemporary jewellery by Hilary, making truly collaborative pieces. Hilary’s skills in working with silver complement the delicate hand-made beads and ceramic pieces, to produce a totally new range of individual jewellery.

Hilary Angle

"An abstract artist concentrating on surface and texture, I include layers of mixed media, sanded and glazed to produce a dense rich surface. I use my own photography to inform the work. Recent pieces include sections of collaged forged copper."

Barbara Wood

"I hand build decorative and sculptural ceramic forms, which are then finished using smoke, saggar, or crystalline glaze techniques. This body of work is unusual (for me) in that I am applying colour to the raw clay prior to firing."