Pools, Patterns and Seasons (24th Sep - 22nd Oct 2016)

'Pools, Patterns and Seasons in the Yorkshire Landscape' will feature photographs by Dr. Richard Muir and paintings by Stephanie Archer.

Dr. Richard Muir

Dr Richard Muir was born in Nidderdale and lives in Flamborough. He has variously worked as a university senior lecturer, author and photographer. He has written more than 50 books and illustrated them with his own photographs. He has also illustrated other books such as the BBC's 'History On Your Doorstep'.

Richard is a winner of the Yorkshire Arts Literary Prize and has been given honorary membership of the Yorkshire Dales Society for an 'outstanding contribution to the understanding of the Dales landscape.'

Stephanie Archer

Stephanie lives in Flamborough. She studied at Central St. Martin's School of Art, and followed a career in graphic design before diversifying and retraining with the National Trust in Horticulture. She works on garden design and renovation in addition to regular studio time on her creative practice.

Stephanie has collaborated on a children's book project and recently exhibited in the Great North Art Show. This series of paintings draws inspiration from the Flamborough coast.