Opposing Views (7th - 29th Apr 2017)

They say opposites attract. Couples often have differing views and opinions, but can sometimes influence one another. These are themes explored by husband and wife artists Danny Barbour and Janice Simpson in a new exhibition, 'Opposing Views'.

Danny Barbour

Danny Barbour is influenced by abstract and surrealist art and creates photographic and mixed media pieces. His mixed media work is highly textured, incorporating wood, board, plaster and acrylic paint, whilst his photographs are figurative or landscape focused.

Janice Simpson

Janice Simpson finds inspiration in the natural world and creates original prints using a variety of printmaking methods, including a variety of etching and lino techniques. She creates images of plants, flowers and landscape from photos and sketches. Janice has recently been influenced by Danny’s work to try a more abstract approach, whilst Janice has inspired Danny to experiment with printmaking.