Movement and Myth (22nd Jun - 31st Aug 2019)

'Movement and Myth' is an exhibition by ceramicist Ruth Collett and artist Maggie Moore, focusing on aspects of mythology and the changing natural world.

Ruth says: "The geology of our coast is a record of ancient upheaval and massive forces at work. The resulting rock seems immutable, but other forces - water, wind and sea - result in scouring, sculpting, lashing, smoothing, grinding, smashing and undermining to re-fashion what seems fixed." Ruth's new collection of ceramic work, 'ROCKShift', has explored these qualities of rock in clay.

Maggie Moore explores the role of animals in mythology, religion and literature. The exhibition features large mixed media pieces by Maggie in charcoal and acrylics, as well as linocut prints and oil paintings.

Ruth Collett

Ruth Collett’s ceramics explore the relationship between form and texture by enhancing organic and flowing forms with complex patterning. Her pots have been inspired by the Yorkshire Wolds and Coast since moving here in 2012. She is a studio artist at Woodend Creative in Scarborough.

Ruth's 'Wolds Bowls' series captures the rounded curves of the water-sculpted chalk hills overlaid with the geometry and drama of the Wolds fields. In her 'Pots versus Plastics' series, she uses waste plastics to texture clay and create complex patterns and textures.

Ruth has been involved in beach cleans since she moved to Scarborough in 2012. She started using the collected fruit mesh and bubble wrap both to reuse and recycle some of this plastic, and to highlight the problem of plastic pollution on our coast.

Maggie Moore

Maggie Moore studied Visual Art at Leeds University, graduating in 1979. Over the past thirty five years she has gained a reputation for her ability to capture movement and energy in her depictions of animals and birds.

She selects her medium according to her subject matter, and this exhibition includes large mixed media pieces in acrylic and charcoal, oil paintings, and linocuts. She has introduced a decorative element to her more recent work through the addition of gold and silver leaf.

Influenced by the wildlife of the Yorkshire Wolds and Coast, Maggie finds inspiration within themes of mythology, religion, and literature. Most of her work is a visual interpretation of a poem, legend, or passage that she has read.