Making Visible (25th Jun - 9th Jul 2016)

'Making Visible' is a mixed media exhibition of paintings and drawings by Mark and Paul Lozynskyj.

Twins Mark and Paul have fortunately shared an interest in painting and drawing for over forty years, and this will be their first joint exhibition. They both work intuitively, using and enjoying strong, vivid colours. "Our work is both similar and different, and we hope this is one of the pleasures of the show."

The phrase "making visible" is borrowed from Paul Klee, suggesting the mixture of observation and imagination that Mark and Paul use in creating a painting. Neither of them - perhaps by temperament - are interested in painting 'realistically'.

Mark Lozynskyj

"I like to discover visual things as I go along, letting things develop and change - sometimes like a doodle, and at other times with more structure and intent. The changing and discovery also keeps my interest and excitement, which is conveyed to the viewer. Recently I have been working on landscapes based on drawings done at Danes Dyke and in my garden. We both love drawing and think it shows the heart of the artist; often it is the most intimate, direct and spontaneous expression of their thought."

Paul Lozynskyj

"I like looking at things. Drawing slows down my looking so I start to see, for example, not what I think a tree should look like, but the phenomena that makes up the image appearance of a tree. The French poet Paul Valery said: 'the more I look at a tree, the less I remember its name'. The artists I admire and am influenced by - Ivon Hitchens, Barbara Rae, Frank Auerbach and others - transform nature by a process that involves going beyond what the rational mind can conceive, to discover what the subconscious can reveal, which is always new, powerful, surprising and authentic."