Giuliana Lazzerini: Yorkshire Trails (August 2016)

'Yorkshire Trails' is a new series of paintings by Giuliana Lazzerini about her experience of Yorkshire after nearly 30 years living in the region.

"I have now lots of memories from which to unleash my imagination. As times go by my urgency to paint has become more and more pressing and I hope that can be seen in this latest series of paintings, in the spontaneous energy of the paint that I apply on the canvas with the combined use of the brush and palette knife. I want to celebrate the beauty of the world that surround us here in Yorkshire in a semi-abstract way."

Giuliana combines her love for colour with carefully constructed composition to achieve a pleasing balance: "appreciating what we have, the landscape, nature, animals, coastline and the sea and all that beautiful inviting memories and the imagination - that special gift that we have."

For Giuliana, the need to allow memory and imagination to interact is vital.

Also Featuring: Jenny Morten

The striking colours and field patterns of the East Yorkshire Wolds also feature in Jenny Morten's new work. Her ceramic forms follow the soft curves of a pebble found on the beach or a swathe of upland fields folding into one another.

Jenny says: "Enhanced by layers of colour overlaid by stripes and lines leading the eye around the form, each piece becomes a distillation of the original inspiration that can be held in the hand, or placed where the light can play upon edges evoking landscapes of memory."