Full Circle (9th Aug - 15th Oct 2014)

We are pleased to announce that Gallery Forty-Nine will be showing the work of the late artist Geoff Morten and his wife, ceramicist Jenny Morten, from August 9th to October 15th 2014.

The title of the exhibition, 'Full Circle', references the couple's journey from their childhoods in Yorkshire through a lifetime as artists working in London, Richmond (North Yorkshire), California and now Bridlington (East Yorkshire).

The couple collaborated in showing their work many times in Geoff's lifetime, and since his early death in 2009 in California, Jenny has moved back to England to continue making her own work and to promote Geoff's by once again exhibiting together.

The influence of living in California for 10 years is evident in both artists' work. A vibrancy of colour spills out from Geoff's canvases and prints to appear as soft pastel shades on the smooth, shell-like surfaces of Jenny's ceramics.