Elizabeth Nast (15th Jul - 6th Aug 2016)

We welcome award-winning artist Elizabeth Nast to Gallery Forty-Nine for a new exhibition.

Elizabeth Nast

Elizabeth is fascinated by people. What are they thinking? How are they feeling? By painting portraits of strangers, she celebrates that "snapshot of time", making the viewer stop to think about how the small things in life can be interesting. She likes to think of herself as "a modern day William Hogarth", observing the world and painting it.

"Watercolour has traditionally been seen as the medium of pretty things - flowers and landscapes," says Elizabeth. "By using watercolour in a non-traditional way, depicting things that are not seen as 'pretty', I show the versatility of watercolour as a medium."

By applying many thin layers of watercolour to build up deep colours and allowing for light areas to continue reflecting the light - which is the main trait of watercolour - Elizabeth creates paintings which is full of both light and dark.