Jackie Needham

Jackie Needham graduated in 2008 with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University. Specialising in ceramics, she enjoys experimenting with a wide range of making and firing techniques, sometimes including found objects within the design. Jackie makes a combination of colourful, textured, slab-built animal or bird forms and earthy, tactile, burnished and smoke fired sculptural pieces.

Her influences are folklore and fairy tales which she mixes with elements of her own childhood memories and dreams. Although many pieces have touches of humour and whimsy, others reference a psychologically darker side.

In 2009, Jackie won a prize at the East Riding Open exhibition with 'Sing for your Supper,' a 2ft tall saggar-fired articulated mouse seated on a child's chair. In 2010 she designed and created the 'Larkin mini toad' which was used in the educational side of the award-winning 'Larkin25' project in Hull.