Humphrey Ocean

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Humphrey Ocean is a Royal Academician and well known for his portrait painting. He has also made a series of aquatint prints with master printmaker Maurice Payne. These are the ones shown on this website and were produced in 2006.

"I paint what I know. I'm not interested in the grand tour. The things that I paint make their mark, make me feel something, and it's that feeling I'm trying to paint.

"I like to paint where human beings have been, where they've done something to a place. I don't necessarily like all the buildings or things that I paint, but I'm fascinated by how they got there, and how they've been colonised and changed by people since. And when I'm standing on these streets in south London, there are no other people out there with easels, interested in making these pictures, except for me.

"A lot of people think my colour is drab but to me it's not, it's the colour that I see and I don't want to heighten it in any way - it's wonderful enough as it is, and if it's not wonderful I might as well roll over and go back to sleep."